Services & Clinics

We have a number of services and clinics available at our practice . In order to attend an appointment only clinic or surgery, please ring the reception or follow any details provided with the clinic information.

List of Services and Clinics

Telephone triage?: (Nurse Practitioner) 08.30am – 09.30am Mon – Fri

Emergency appointments: Call reception between 08.30am and 9.30am on the day

Midwife clinic: every Tuesday PM (appt. only)

Family Planning Care

The Practice provides a comprehensive, confidential family planning service including:

Prescribing oral contraception (the pill)

Giving the Contraceptive Injection

Prescribing Emergency Contraception – please arrange to see a Doctor as soon as possible if you require this.

Maternity Care

Full ante-natal and post-natal care services are available; we also offer comprehensive pre-conceptional advice. Please ask at reception for details.

Child Health Services

Baby immunisations clinics are held at the surgery, every Thursday between 09.00am and 12.00noon. The clinic, which is run by the Practice Nurse is intended to ensure that all children registered with the practice are up to date with their vaccinations.

Cervical Smears

As per national guidelines, all eligible women should have smear tests every 3-5 years depending on age (and unless advised otherwise). Smear tests are carried out by our Practice nurse.

Chronic Disease Management, eg. Diabetic/Asthma/Heart Disease etc.

We provide comprehensive care for those suffering from chronic diseases, e.g. diabetes, asthma, coronary heart disease, etc. All patients suffering from Chronic diseases will be contacted annually to attend for review.

Minor Surgery

The doctors can perform some minor procedures here at the surgery e.g Skin tag removal, excisions etc. Your GP will advise you should they consider a procedure necessary.

Flu & Pneumococcal Vaccination

The practice offers vaccination in line with Department of Health Guidance, flu and pneumococcal vaccinations are offered FREE to at risk patients including: anyone aged over 65, patients who suffer from chronic diseases, pregnant women, carers and people who suffer from learning disabilities. The flu clinics usually run from September to December in the surgery. Pneumococcal vaccinations can be given at anytime, please ask the nurse for details.

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